Meet Ujuaku

Ujuaku is the founder of the Eastern Nigeria Film and Arts Initiative (ENFAI), an organisation dedicated to empowering Nigerian youth by providing them with vital skills in film, media, and tech.

With over 16 years of experience as an impact producer, media consultant, and documentary filmmaker, she has transformed ENFAI into a pivotal force in the global market by not only educating but also acting as a catalyst for emerging talents within the film and arts sectors across Africa.

She is experienced in storytelling, the creative economy, research & development, project management, film curation, capacity building, organisational development, and design thinking.

Her organisation ENFAI is celebrated for its innovative smartphone filmmaking workshop, which democratises
filmmaking by enabling anyone with a smartphone to produce and share high-quality contents. This initiative significantly lowers the barriers to entry for film production and empowers individuals from all walks of life to tell their stories and advocate for sustainability, enhancing digital literacy and opening new professional pathways.

Ujuaku is an Acumen fellow, and a TEDx speaker. Additionally, her innovative approach to using film for community engagement has been honoured by the California State Legislature Assembly.

Additionally, she serves on the boards for Innovate Africa Corporation and the Ocean-Blue Food Initiative, overseeing their creative initiatives.